Thursday 12/1/16

Warm Up
Trainer’s Choice



EMOM 12 Minutes of:


MINUTE 1: 30 Second L – Sit Holds (on rings or bar)
MINUTE 2: 40 Second Ball Slams
MINUTE 3: 50 Second Farmer’s Carry (around perimeter of gym)




AMRAP 20 minutes of:


6 Deadlifts
7 Burpee Pull Ups
10 Kettlebell Swings
Row 250M or .4 Mile Bike or .1 Mile Run


Sometimes we get caught up in life, the same as we get caught up in the gym. Whether that is worrying about the number on the board, the time on the clock, what everyone else is getting on WODs, or just plain fear for a workout. That’s OK, it happens to everyone once in awhile and it takes a moment to sit back and put everything into perspective.


Sure we all have goals and I want you to continue to strive for those goals everyday, but on a day like today where we have a CrossFit Hero WOD, I want you to try and sit back and look at the bigger picture for a minute. It is ok to be afraid of a workout or a movement, but the idea of a CrossFit Hero WOD is showing courage, going against that fear and putting yourself OUTSIDE your comfort zone.


A CrossFit Hero WOD is designed to honor a fallen Hero, to give yourself a reality check and to put you into a level of suck that brings this whole thing back into perspective. A CrossFit Hero WOD is not meant to be an everyday training regimen, nor should it be. These workouts are nasty, and for good reason, they take you to a place that you may never have been before. A level of suck that is indescribable to most that have never been there, and when its over you should feel accomplished not because of the time on the board, but the fact that you finished, the fact that you put it all out there to honor a fallen Hero.


So today, as we hit this workout, I want us to all sit back and look at the big picture. Take a second to think about why we are doing this, then give this workout everything you have. It will be tough, it will be grueling, but in the end I promise you will be proud of what just went down.


The CrossFit Hero WOD we are going to be doing today is called “Rankel”. Here is a little bit on U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant John Rankel
U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant John Rankel, 23, of Speedway, Indiana, assigned to 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 1 Marine Expeditionary Force, based out of Camp Pendleton, California, was killed on June 7, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He is survived by mother and stepfather Don and Trisha Stockhoff; father and stepmother, Kevin and Kim Rankel; and brothers Nathan Stockhoff and Tyler Rankel.


12 Ring Rows
35/45lb Deadlifts
15 Abmat Sit Ups


Assisted Pull Ups or Pull Ups
83/115lb Deadlifts
Knees to Chest


Pull Ups
125/185lb Deadlift (advanced: 155/225lb)
Toes to Bar

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